ASC Dulevo 2000 Sky

Dulevo 2000 Sky
The sky is the limit

The suction sweeper Dulevo model 2000 SKY appears on the market as a generous machine with extraordinary features - resourceful, versatile and compact-scaled. Very maneuverable and fast, the suction sweeper 2000 SKY represents the ideal solution for the sweeping of congested areas, difficult to access, such as cycle tracks, sidewalks, pedestrian and parking areas.

The 2000 SKY suction sweeper has been designed and produced according to the most modern design concepts, it's ergonomic and has a small impact on the environment both for the reduced use of water and for the emission of dusts and noise.

Thanks to the very reduced external scale, the 2000 SKY is truly capable of accessing all kinds of areas: It can easily sweep both basement and outdoor parking lots, it moves under platform roofs and signs, all this with ergonomics as its main foundation.

Simple and entirely hydro-operated, 2000 SKY is a machine which presents no electronic component, but all functions are activated through electrical and hydraulic circuits, easy to be identified, and through immediately accessible components, side and rear hinged panels, an intelligent layout and a completely tip-up cabin, all this combined to make this machine easy to maintain and repair, at every latitude.

Powerful and soundless, the sweeper 2000 SKY can be operated at any time during night and day, sweeping, damping and suctioning with maximum respect for the resting person.

Some Other Features:
• Capable of accessing all kinds of areas
• Strong machine, with a high-resistance tubular steel chassis
• Simple and entirely hydraulic-operated
• Standard air-conditioning

Quick Specs
Dulevo 2000 Sky

Sweeping path min. mm 1750
Sweeping path max mm 2700
Cleaning performance sqm/h 31000
Waste hopper capacity Lt. 2000
Fuel diesel

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