ASC Dulevo 200 Hydro

Dulevo 200 Hydro
Street Cleaning Equipment

The Dulevo 200 Hydro is especially designed for high pressure washing and sanitation of public roads.Street washer Dulevo 200 Hydro can cope not only with public street cleaning but can be a solution for large industrial areas, resorts, and wherever else hygiene is required.

A 2300 litres stainless steel water tank, compact dimensions and the high manoeuvrability makes Street washer DULEVO 200 a unique machine in its category, both in working autonomy and versatility. It is ideal to clean both large roads as well as small streets

Washing is made by mean of a stainless steel spray bar positioned in front of the cabin. The operator, from the seat, can adjust the bar to any position in order to adapt the street washer to any working condition.

The Dulevo 200 Hydro is also equipped with a hand spray gun to reach difficult areas or to clean walls. The spray gun can be used for, up to 18 metres away from the street washer

The cab of the street washer Dulevo 200 Hydro has been designed in order to guarantee the maximum comfort for the operator and to be very easy to use.First of all the operator seats in a very comfortable environment with large comfortable seat , noise insulation and very large glass surfaces both at the front and on the side for great visibility.The hydrostatic drive, the power steering and the few simple controls make the machine very easy and pleasant to use.

The Street washer DULEVO 200 Hydro futures:

• Very powerful adjustable water pump
• Heavy duty steel chassis
• Diesel engines complies with all latest emission regulations
• Power steering for easy and pleasant use
• Low maintenance, fully hydraulic function
• No electronics on board
• Hydraulic driven water pump
• Hydrostatic transmission
• Stainless steel water tank

Quick Specs
Dulevo 200 Hydro

Model   90 EH 90 BK 90 DK
Sweeping path min. mm 900 900 900
Sweeping path max mm 1500 1500 1500
Cleaning performance sqm/h 1400 1400 1400
Waste hopper capacity Lt. 340 340 340
Filtering surface sqm 6 6 6
Fuel   Battery Petrol / Lpg Diesel

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Online Demonstration Videos
Dulevo 200 Hydro

The following machine's video is split into various parts for easy viewing. These include Orientation, Manoeuvrability, Run Operation, Speed, Cleaning Operation and Hopper Use.
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