ASC Dulevo 5000 Zero

Dulevo 5000 Zero
Industrial / Street Cleaning Equipment

Street sweeper and leaf sucker Dulevo 5000 has gone beyond its own technological ambition to develop into the only mechanical sweeper in the world powered by CNG. Without modifying the sweeping capacities, Dulevo has successfully created a new sweeper that targets full respect for the environment and careful attention to the cities and their citizens.
If what you need is an all round sweeper delivering 100% dust control, maximum productivity, low emissions and low operating costs, the street sweeper 5000 Zero is sure to fit your needs. In terms of productivity, the street sweeper 5000 Zero works at up to three times the rate of any traditional sweeper.
Compact, quite, comfortable, attractive and easy to drive, the street sweeper Dulevo 5000 Zero sets new standards of drivers? comfort with the latest technology in sound suppression.
Dulevo street sweeper 5000 Zero is equipped with certified GORE filter that guarantee a PM10 particulate matter filtration level of greater than 99.9%.

The street sweeper 5000 Zero guarantees minimum noise emissions, no emission of dust into the atmosphere, and no pollution caused by the combustion of diesel or petrol from the sweeper engine, with the absolute certainty of supplying local authorities with a machine that really is, for the first time, with zero emissions.

Project guidelines:
• Natural gas drastically reduces emissions;
• GORE filter (as standard equipment) collects and retains even the finest dusts;
• Advanced installation technologies guarantee a safe and problem-free CNG system;
• Very low noise emissions;
• CNG powered; 7 bottles of 12 kg each.
• Catalyzator as standard equipment.

Super tough, 100% clean ground, 100% dust free, PM10 compliant and approved as the world?s most environmentally friendly machine.

Quick Specs
Dulevo 5000 Zero

Model   5000 Zero
Sweeping path min. mm 1300
Sweeping path max mm 3500
Cleaning performance sqm\h 105000
Waste hopper capacity Lt. 5000
Filtering surface size Lt. 22
Fuel   CNG

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Online Demonstration Videos
Dulevo 5000 Zero

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