ASC Dulevo 90 Elite

Dulevo 90 Elite Series
Industrial Cleaning Equipment

If you have a problem of dust, Dulevo 90 Elite industrial sweeper is more that a solution. It?s an extraordinary opportunity Heavy duty rider industrial sweeper designed to work in very dusty environment. Able to pick up from fine dust to large gravel is the ideal sweeper for heavy industrial applications. Is also ideal to be used also in every public or logistic areas such as warehouses, loading docks, parking etc.
The industrial sweeper Dulevo 90 Elite features all an industrial sweeper needs to be productive: Large hopper, high power, outstanding sweeping result and very performing suction system.
The action of the brooms throws the dust and the debris into a large capacity hopper.
The dust is controlled and aspirated by a powerful turbine that blows clean air through a high performance filter.
The dust filter is made of a special filtering fabric that ensures zero dust emission into the environment and releases only clean air.

The Dulevo filtering system is designed not only to retain the finest dust up to 3 micron but also :
• to allow a huge suction
• to be very difficult to clog
• to be very easy to clean
• to be very long lasting

Besides the high quality dust filter the industrial sweeper Dulevo 90 ELITE can be equipped as option with a super performing dust filter.As the excellence calls the excellence DULEVO has an agreement with the GORE ?, world leader in filtration technologies. The aim of this agreement to equip the DULEVO industrial sweepers range with the ultimate technology in terms of dust filters. GORE ?, technology is the most outstanding dust filter as it performs:
• better dust control (down to 1 micron)
• better suction
• easier maintenance
• quicker and better sweeping results
• low maintenance cost and VERY LONG DURABILITY.

GORE dust filters installed in the DULEVO 90 ELITE industrial sweeper have TWO YEARS WARRANTY

The combination of DULEVO and GORE ? technologies the industrial sweeper DULEVO 90 ELITE the best tool available to keep air and surfaces free from dust and debris

Ergonomics are a big plus of this rider industrial sweeper. Very large space for legs, comfortable drive position, very few and simple switches makes the machine pleasant to use and quick to learn.
Every detail of this rider industrial sweeper has been designed in order to obtain the best cleaning result and low running cost even from inexperienced users .The easy access to all components and the fully hydraulic technology makes maintenance simple and cheap. Machines are available in Diesel, LPG, Petrol or Battery versions as well as a host of accessories to customize individual needs.

Some of the features:
• Direct throw sweeping system for outstanding cleaning result even in demanding working conditions
• Heavy duty steel chassis
• Water cooled engines to withstand hot climates and long working shifts
• Power steering for easy and pleasant use
• Hopper garbage compacting system to increase hopper capacity
• Low maintenance, fully hydraulic function
• No electronics on board
• SBS. System: the constant pressure system (patent)

This exclusive system is designed to keep a constant brush pressure in a very simple way This avoid useless brush and energy consumption .
• Brushes automatically lifts up whenever the sweeper is turned off. This avoid brushes deformation and increase brushes live (patented system)
• No belts turbine drive requires no maintenance
• No tools needed to change main broom
• Easy access to filter for inspection and cleaning
• Powerful filter shaker
• One touch operation

Quick Specs
Dulevo 90 Series

Model   90 EH 90 BK 90 DK
Sweeping path min. mm 900 900 900
Sweeping path max mm 1500 1500 1500
Cleaning performance sqm/h 1400 1400 1400
Waste hopper capacity Lt. 340 340 340
Filtering surface sqm 6 6 6
Fuel   Battery Petrol / Lpg Diesel

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Online Demonstration Videos
Dulevo 90 Series

The following machine's video is split into various parts for easy viewing. These include Orientation, Manoeuvrability, Run Operation, Speed, Cleaning Operation and Hopper Use.
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