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Street Clearning Equipment ASC Dulevo 5000
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ASC Dulevo Street Cleaning Equipment
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ASC Dulevo Commercial Cleaning Equipment
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ASC Dulevo Street Cleaning Equipment
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Floor Cleaning Equipment From Dulevo Australia

ASC Dulevo has grown to establish itself as Australia’s premier industrial floor cleaning equipment company, offering top quality industrial, council and mining sweepers and scrubbers. We also offer a comprehensive range of sweeping and scrubbing machines aimed at the commercial and street cleaning markets. As a company ASC Dulevo brings Australia the best sweeper and scrubber technologies available.

Today, more than ever, dust free and clean working environments are mandatory for the protection of employees and valued finished products. ASC Dulevo, more than any other company in Australia, can deliver this in every Industrial market sector with better floor cleaning machines and solutions making every choice a safe and wise investment.

Whatever the type of dirt, the ASC Dulevo industrial line of floor cleaning equipment can meet your needs. From scrubbers to larger machines suitable for cement plants, quarries, mines etc.

ASC Dulevo is the only manufacturer in the world able to offer a complete range of floor cleaning machines that can fit every kind of need: various size and with different power systems, suitable for cleaning inside areas as well as the urban environment.

ASC Dulevo offers a wide range of floor cleaning machines suitable for airport use, from the ride-on scrubbers for cleaning common areas and terminals, to road machines for cleaning hardstand, taxiways and runways.

Made for heavy industrial purposes, ASC Dulevo floor sweepers and scrubbers can easily cover both domestic and private use. ASC Dulevo small scrubbers and sweepers offer the ideal solution for working in small, narrow areas.

ASC Dulevo street cleaning equipment offers a wide range of machines for rapid, silent, dust free cleaning performances always considering the environment.

For the cleaning of classrooms, hallways, dining halls and any other internal environment, ASC Dulevo offers a wide range of floor cleaning equipment, including sweepers and scrubbers suited to work in crowded environments, ensuring a quick and effective job.

For inside and outside warehouses, loading/unloading areas and wherever there is material handling, ASC Dulevo offers the right floor cleaning solution, from the smallest scrubber to the biggest heavy duty sweeper.

ASC Dulevo scrubber-drier line guarantees perfect cleaning in compliance with the strictest health rules in all those environments where a deep hygiene is needed, but with low noise emissions: e.g. private clinics, hospitals, shelters, laboratories etc.

For the food industry a deep and sure hygienic clean is a priority. ASC Dulevo�s scrubber-driers range guarantees perfect floor cleaning in every kind of environment, in full compliance with health standards.

ASC Dulevo offers a complete range of floor cleaning machines suitable for cleaning of hotels and restaurants. Due to their small size and great handling, this line of machines can be easily adapted to many different needs.

ASC Dulevo floor cleaning equipment is suited to large, small and high demand areas where pedestrian safety and visually clean floors are needed.

ASC Dulevo offers a complete range of sweeper and scrubber machines suitable for all industries and applications. If you�re unsure of what floor cleaning machine is ideally suited to you, please contact us.

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