Dulevo 52 Series

Commercial / Industrial Cleaning Equipment

The walk behind sweeper model Dulevo 52 is an unmatched machine in sweeping performance, strength and reliability. Model Dulevo 52 has all the technical characteristics of Dulevo?s larger models in Commercial Cleaning Range.

In common with all Dulevo?s commercial machines, the walk behind sweeper model 52 gives a perfect sweeping result, thanks to the Dulevo direct-throw system.

The collection system of the walk behind sweeper model DULEVO 52 starts with the side brush which transfers dust and debris into the centre of the machine where a cylindrical main brush throws everything forward into the hopper.

Fine dust is then drawn directly into the hopper by a heavy duty vacuum which is created by a high efficiency fan and a special heavy duty polyester filter, specifically designed for the walk behind sweeper model DULEVO 52, ensures that only clean air is exhausted back into the environment.

The filter system is made from a rot-proof polyester material which may last up to five years without servicing which makes this walk behind sweeper up to 16 times more economical to run compared to most generic sweepers sold on the market.

As every machine from Dulevo?s commercial cleaning range, the model Dulevo 52 is available powered both by batteries and petrol.

The walk behind sweeper model Dulevo 52 is very simple to use and the operator training may take as long as 15 seconds. Intuitive, environmentally friendly and save: the Dulevo 52 is the perfect investment for mining, ceramic,construction & building industries, public areas and for all those companies intending to invest in a sweeper which will deliver a trouble-free life of 10-15 years.

Quick Specs

Dulevo 52 Series

Model 52 EH 52 SH
Sweeping path min. mm500500
Sweeping path max mm750750
Cleaning performance sqm/h 3750 3750
Waste hopper capacity Lt. 38 38
Filtering surface Filtering surface 2.5 2.5
Fuel Battery Petrol