Dulevo 7000 Vacuum Sweeper

Street Cleaning Equipment

The Dulevo 7000 Vacuum sweeper is a heavy duty street sweeper designed for demanding urban environments. With a high sweeping speed and powerful suction turbine, this street cleaning machine is efficient and highly productive while meeting the latest environmental regulations.

Thanks to its very powerful suction this large street sweeper is able to pick up light urban litter to gravel and heavy debris. A lot of effort has been put in order to make this vacuum sweeper very reliable and simple to maintain. Thanks to high sweeping speed, large hopper volume, and an extremely powerful suction turbine, the Dulevo 7000 Vacuum features a high level of sweeping efficiency.

Dulevo street sweeper 7000 Vacuum has an independent auxiliary engine that assures high productivity in every sweeping conditions, low exhaust emissions, flexibility of operation, low fuel consumption and low maintenance.

Once on site the operator is able to choose among different working set up in order to get the best efficiency out of this street sweeper.
This result is low fuel consumption (less than the model with a single engine) lower noise and pollution, and a very efficient load distribution between the two engines.

The sweeping system is designed to guarantee unbeatable sweeping results. The reduced length of the suction tube makes clogging virtually impossible, Still the suction hoses can be removed for unclogging without any tool.

The Suction system of the street sweeper Dulevo 7000 Vacuum features a new turbine system with new blade profile, which now offers high performance, in terms of airflow and suction capacity, with lower noise levels.

Machines are available comes standard on full optional Mercedes Benz ATEGO ® truck, other trucks are available on request.

Some of the features:
• The low position of the water tank makes this street sweeper very stable
• Auxiliary opening device on the suction mouth to draw in bulky material (bottles, stones, bricks, cans etc.,)
• Automatic lift of sweeping and suction system on revere
• Suction mouth is vulcanised internally to ensure durability and easy sliding of drawn in material
• Suction mouth is vulcanised internally to ensure durability and easy sliding of drawn in material
• Stainless steel water tank
• Low centre of gravity and weight uniformly distributed as the water tank is integrated in the bottom part of the hopper
• The bottom of the hopper has a completely smooth layer, to help dumping

Quick Specs

Dulevo 7000 Vacuum

Model 7000 Vacuum
Sweeping path min. mm750
Sweeping path max. mm2300
Cleaning performance sqm/h 28000
Waste hopper capacity Lt. 7000
Water tank capacity Lt. 2000
Fuel Diesel