About Dulevo

History, People and Technology
Dulevo is an ancient Greek word that means “Work”.
Dulevo International is a global company with factory interests in Australia, Italy, Mexico and India. Its sweepers are widely used in the arid environments of the Middle East as well as most wet parts of the western world. As a global brand Dulevo is internationally recognised for quality and longevity.

Dulevo as a company was founded some 40 years ago with a specific task of producing the world’s best and cleanest sweepers.

It employs some of the best European Engineers and assemblers whose lives are devoted to producing the finest sweepers known to mankind.

2011 Dulevo Turnover has reached 55.700.000 Euro making it the largest privately owned sweeper company in the world.

Dulevo machines have been sold in Australia for some 24 years in the Industrial market but recently the board of Dulevo International set up a joint venture operation with ASC ( Australian Sweeper Company – www.sweeper.com.au ) to really shake up the municipal market by offering real value, product difference and machines that are designed and proven to work in arid and dusty environments.

Dulevo’s first move was to purchase a company owned warehouse in Melbourne to store the parts and quick moving stock. An initial investment of $4.5 million was invested in day one.

From that initial investment Dulevo now extended its reach and has branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Perth offering the Dulevo line of products.

The Dulevo model is about providing the best machines available on the world market and guarantees its after sales back up. Like a Caterpillar Earthmover, when you invest a whole lot of money in great engineered equipment, you need to be able to speak to a human being that can isolate problems over the phone and ship parts that day. We modelled a business in Australia as its standard in 70 European cities which allows the end user to be sure they can source quality back up and support backed by the factory.

ASC Dulevo Australia today markets industrial and municipal sweepers, scrubbers and street flushers. Please see attached some photos which show the type of machines we manufacture and sell in Australia. Please feel free to ask for a free demonstration of any Dulevo and allow your council to feel, see and smell the world’s most durable sweepers in action. We are sure you will see how a great piece of Dulevo engineered machinery will not only reduce your existing running cost but clean your city in twice the speed you are used to and eliminate the headaches you currently face justifying why your existing fleet of sweepers cost so much to run at maintain.