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Dulevo H1020 Series

Commercial / Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Large water capacity an compact dimensions: this rider scrubber Dulevo 1020-1220 is the ideal equipment for industrial floor cleaning in medium to large areas.

The Dulevo rider scrubbers range 1020 R, 1020 , 1220 are the best solution for commercial areas such as supermarkets and airports, but even for all industrial applications such as warehouses, load/unload areas etc. Costs efficiency is the added value of this rider scrubber.
Robust and compact steel chassis, strong water tanks and heavy duty mechanical components makes DULEVO MODEL 1020 1220 able to stand heavy working conditions.
Ergonomics are a big plus of this rider scrubber. Very large space for legs, comfortable drive position, very few and simple switches makes the machine pleasant to use and quick to learn.
Every detail of this rider scrubber has been designed in order to have the best cleaning result and low running cost even from inexperienced users .
Is possible to choose between disc and roller brushes, Dulevo rider scrubbers models 1020 and 1220 are equipped respectively with two or three disc for deep floor scrubbing, Model 1020 R is a roller brushes rider scrubber that is able to sweep and scrub a the same time.

Some of the features:
• C. D. P. System: the constant pressure system.

This exclusive system is designed to keep a constant brush pressure ia a very simple way, without the use of any electronic device.
This avoid useless energy and brushes consumption.
• Brushes automatically stop when machine stands still for over 6 seconds to avoid floor damages.

This avoid useless brushes and energy consumption and prevent floor damages:
• Brush head retracts in case of shock
• Rear squeegee lifts up automatically in reverse
• Side squeegee lifts up automatically in case of obstacle
• Very quiet
• Up to seven hours running time with a single battery pack
• Double vacuum motors
• No tools needed to change wearing parts
• No belts construction for enhanced durability

Quick Specs

Dulevo H1020 Series

Model H1020
Scrubbing path mm1000
Squeedgee width mm1435
Solution tank capacity Lt. 250
Recovery tank capacity Lt. 70
Cleaning performance sqm/h 7000