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Dulevo H610 Series

Commercial / Industrial Cleaning Equipment

The new H 610 is compact (dimensions are smaller than 1,400 mm x 800 mm), designed to easily fit through standard domestic and office doorways. It is a very simple, high performance, and ergonomic machine that ensures maximum comfort for the user, and surprisingly good results even in the harshest working conditions. The special tank configuration (tanks are concentric and tilting) provides great stability and excellent accessibility, making maintenance easier as a consequence. Above all, thanks to this configuration, the machine is extremely quiet.

During the design phases of the new H 610, ergonomics played an important role; despite the machine being compact, the operator can enjoy spacious leg room, which enables comfortable use for many hours at a time.
The new H 610 is available in both disc and roller brush, with scrubbing paths of 650 mm and 600 mm respectively. The solution tank has a capacity of 110 litres, while the recovery tank?s capacity is 115 litres. The parabolic squeegee is located behind the rear wheels, and it ensures perfect drying on an 800 mm path. The new Dulevo ride-on scrubber-dryer is battery powered and has a battery life of more than three hours. It is also equipped with a floating brush head, which maintains the correct working pressure. The expert mechanical design of the machine guarantees maximum reliability.

The user-friendly and intuitive control panel is equipped with a ?One-Touch-Button?, which enables the user to activate all the functions simultaneously. The control panel also handles the electrical lifting of the head and the squeegee.

The machine has a traction power of 700 W, which enables speeds of up to 5 km/h and can overcome 12% slopes.
The new H 610 scrubber-dryer, comes with flasher and non-marking wheels as standard, and can be optionally equipped with: battery charger on the machine, ?Canal Jet? aspirator/extractor to clean in corners and tight spaces, and the LR System – already available on the other Dulevo ride-on scrubber-dryers – which makes it possible to increase working times and improve productivity by avoiding stopping to refill the tank (thanks to the recovery tank recycle system).

The new H 610 scrubber-dryer represents the state-of-the-art solution for cleaning medium- and large-size flooring, such as supermarkets, hospitals, warehouses, gyms, schools, hotels ? wherever there is a need for a machine that is compact, efficient, reliable, safe and comfortable, but also good value for money.


Quick Specs

Dulevo H610 Series

Model H610
Scrubbing path mm650
Squeedgee width mm880
Solution tank capacity Lt. 110
Recovery tank capacity Lt. 115
Cleaning performance sqm/h 3250