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Commercial / Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Commercial / Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Dulevo 710-810 series walk behind scrubber dryer are built for exceptional toughness and cleaning performance. The toughest machines in their class, designed for heavy duty applications. Stainless steel tanks, cast alloy brush heads and simple electronics guarantee reliability under the hardest conditions.

Large water capacity in compact dimensions: the walk behind scrubber Dulevo 710-810 is the ideal equipment for industrial floor cleaning in medium size areas.
The Dulevo walk behind scrubbers range 710 – 810 are the best solution for public areas such as supermarkets, malls, showroom, airports etc.
But they are very capable to meet the requirements of all industrial applications like metal fabrication facilities, machine shops, assembly lines.
Thanks to stainless steel construction the walk behind scrubber Dulevo 710-810 is particularly suitable for food industry, hospitals and wherever the hygiene of a stainless steel construction is required. Costs efficiency is the added value of this rider scrubber.

The brush pressure is adjusted by mean of a powerful rim that holds the brushes in position assuring the best cleaning efficiency at zero effort from the operator.A led display also protect the battery live.. If the batteries become too discharged, the unit automatically shuts down systems to allow the machine to return to the charge station. This avoids deep discharge for long lasting battery live.

In the walk behind scrubber Dulevo 710-810 all electric motors are oversized in order to guarantee performance and durability.

A powerful traction motor with differential axle and four large wheels makes the machine incredibly smooth to drive but also very powerful to climb ramps and very stable in rough surfaces.

Ergonomics are a big plus of this walk behind scrubber, smooth drive, comfortable operator position, very few and simple switches makes the machine pleasant to use and quick to learn.
Every detail of this rider scrubber has been designed in order to have the best cleaning result and low running cost even from inexperienced users .

Dulevo walk behind scrubbers models 710 and 810 are equipped with two disc for deep floor scrubbing covering respectively 700 or 800 mm scrubbing path.

Some of the features:
• Brushes automatically stop when machine stands still to avoid floor damages

This avoid useless brushes and energy consumption and prevent floor damages:
• Rear squeegee made in stainless steel
• Reversible squeegee blades
• Very easy access to vacuum motors
• No tools needed to change wearing parts
• No belts construction for enhanced durability
• Anti foam protection system for vacuum motor

Quick Specs

Dulevo H710 Series

Model H710
Scrubbing path mm690
Squeedgee width mm880
Solution tank capacity Lt. 100
Recovery tank capacity Lt. 106
Cleaning performance sqm/h 3450