Whatever the type of dirt, Dulevo industrial line of machines can meet your needs. From scrubbers to larger machines suitable for cement plants, quarries, mines etc

This walk behind scrubber dryer is the toughest floor cleaning machine in its class, designed for heavy duty industrial applications such as machine shops, assembly lines and logistics areas etc.

This walk behind scrubber dryer machine is designed for heavy duty industrial and commercial floor cleaning applications, offering outstanding cleaning performance under the hardest conditions.

This walk behind scrubber dryer is ideal for supermarkets, shopping malls, showrooms, airports etc. This robust machine can also cope with heavy duty floor cleaning in industrial areas such as factories.

This walk behind scrubber dryer machine is designed for heavy duty floor cleaning applications, offering exceptional toughness and cleaning performance under the harshest conditions.

This walk behind sweeper is an unmatched machine in sweeping performance, strength and reliability. This floor cleaning machine is available in battery powered and petrol versions and is very economical to run.

If dust is an issue, the Dulevo 75 ride-on sweeper is more than a solution. This compact commercial sweeper is the only machine that can cope with heavy sweeping conditions in narrow areas. This heavy duty rider sweeper is designed to work in very dusty commercial and industrial environments and is the ideal sweeping equipment for heavy industrial applications, public or logistic areas such as warehouses, loading docks, parking areas etc.

The Dulevo 90 Elite ride-on sweeper features everything an industrial cleaning machine needs to be productive – a large hopper, powerful suction, and a high performance dust filter – for outstanding sweeping results.

If dust is a problem, the Dulevo 100 Elite industrial sweeper is the solution. Thanks to a high quality dust filter this heavy duty ride-on sweeper is capable of picking up any dirt from fine dust to large gravel. This industrial cleaning machine is ideal for sweeping public outdoor areas, logistic areas, warehouses, loading docks etc.

The Dulevo 120 Elite industrial sweeper has a large sweeping path and cleans up to 21,000sqm per hour. This heavy duty ride-on street sweeper offers outstanding cleaning performance in a compact machine that is easy to drive and operate.

The Dulevo 200 Quattro is one of the world’s first mid-sized industrial street sweeper machines to offer a unique combination of compact mechanical and suction technologies. Outstanding sweeping performance, 100% dust control and maximum productivity combined with low operating costs are standard with this industrial cleaning equipment.

The Dulevo 5000 Evolution industrial street sweeper and leaf sucker combines manoeuvrability, economy and serviceability with superior cleaning performance. If what you need is an all round sweeper delivering 100% dust control, maximum productivity and low operating costs, this industrial street cleaning machine is sure to fit your needs.